Dekker & zn Machinetransport

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Dekker Machine transport


“Everything is possible and no task is the same”, that is what we experience every day. Whether this means transporting your machine over your premises or internally through small passages or on fragile surfaces, there are no obstacles we cannot overcome, we are all-round professionals.

Through our extensive network of contacts, we can act quickly and efficiently. We have the required knowledge to perform the various transportations throughout Europe. We can also assist you with the necessary permits and  planning schedules so that the transport of your machinery runs smoothly and accurately.


We can be of service to both the (dis) assembly of your entire machinery fleet, as well packing and preparing for road transport, sea or air freight. Weekdays or on weekends, we are available 24 hours a day to help you. After all, everything is possible!

Our main clients are companies from various sectors, including the graphic industry,  metalworking industry, the steel sector and the industrial sector.

For two generations we have provided the best service for our clients!